Two-day Offsite

The perfect starting point for any organizational health effort, our two-day leadership off-site is a highly interactive, fast-paced session to help leadership teams make significant progress on becoming a more cohesive team, as well as maximize their competitive advantage by answering six critical questions.

Working Genius Rollout

Once the leadership team has built unwavering commitment to leveraging Working Genius as a productivity tool, the next step is to cascade the concepts, practical applications, and goals for increasing joy and fulfillment throughout their organization. This type of session should include an opportunity to build support from the next level of leaders, build more trust, increase morale and productivity.

Custom Session

Fully leveraging the competitive advantage organizational health offers requires on-going focus and effort by CEOs and their teams. Our consultants design and lead a unique process that will ensure the long-term establishment and adoption of organizational health.

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Sample Two-day Offsite Agenda

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